The winner of The 3rd Shiki Internet Haiku Contest (1997)

Yu Chang


Mr. Chang sent us the following message:

Dear Shiki-team:

I'm so thrilled and deeply honored to hear that I won the haiku contest.
So many wonderful entries! Never thought I had a chance. Still having
trouble believing that I won.

Several years ago while visiting a vineyard in the Finger Lakes Region in
upstate New York, I had the rare pleasure of wandering freely among grape
vines. The evening hours were exquisite, and I thought it would be so
wonderful if I could capture on canvas, the ripeness of grapes, the
rolling hills, and the thin clouds in the evening sky. I promised myself I
would learn how to paint at some point. Never got around to do that, but
the haiku contest did bring me back, for a brief moment, to that
unforgettable evening.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my Shiki friends for
their encouragement and support. It has been an extraordinarily exciting
and rewarding two years (almost) on the Shiki list.

I very much look forward to meeting you in Matsuyama, and I want to thank
you, in person,for the privilege of being on the Shiki list - the most
enjoyable forum to appreciate haiku.


Yu Chang

We, Shiki Team, are looking forward to meeting him in Matsuyama. :))