Shiki Masaoka

Shiki's paintings

Shiki liked painting very much. In his childhood he wanted to be a painter.He said "Shasei (sketch,realism; This word is difficult to translate . But no one can deny that the core of Shiki's haikus is Shasei. For example R.H.Blyth translated it as the delineation of nature.) is quite necessary to making reports and painting pictures.","I don't want to paint skillfully".These simple paintings maybe express his thought about Shasei.

landscape of a lighthouse

pumpkin in a pot

Niwamaezu-Gasan(in front of the garden)

flowers in a pot

a pot and palette

a pot

a peony

a cockscomb

paper dolls

Otafuku(a plain woman) at Tori-no-ichi

a fishing toy

no title

a self-portrait

SHiki's writing

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