Shiki Masaoka

Shiki's menu

Shiki wrote down his daily life in "Gyouga Manroku" which means a rough record lying down on the bed. He wrote it from 9/2 ,1901 to 9/3 ,1902 and died on the early morning of September 19, 1902 ,when he was 35 years old.He recorded what he ate minutely. The special team reproduced them on this record.






  1. Dango (dumpling) and Kanten(Japanese gelatin)
  2. Gomoku-Sushi(Sushi with pieces of vegetables and fishes)
  3. Nimono(cooking of vegetables and tohu)
  4. Yakizakana(roast fishes)
  5. Tsukemono(pickled vegetables)
  6. Sashimi(raw fish)
  7. Anpan and Amagashi(bean-jam buns and sweets)

the special team to reproduce

Kyoko Nishimura, Kayoko Mukai,Michiko Fukuoka

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