Summary Sheet of Rules/Deadlines

For The Bi-Weekly Shiki Mailing List Kukai

  1. The kukai consists of two parts. The first part requires a haiku using the designated season word. Only poems containing this word will be accepted and forwarded for voting.
  2. The second part of the kukai requires a haiku on a particular object, theme, or setting that may occur at any time within a given year. This is a free format haiku, in that the writer can compose and include a season word or submit a poem with no seasonal reference whatsoever. The writer can simply include the assigned topic in the haiku for it to be accepted and forwarded for voting.
  3. Each participant may submit ONE haiku ONLY for EACH of the TWO topics. If he/she wishes to participate in only one of the kukai, that is acceptable. If he/she wishes to participate in both, that also is acceptable, but not more than one haiku submission to each.
  4. The "Call For Submissions" will be made every other Wednesday. Writers will have until the following Tuesday, until 6:00 p.m., to submit their poems to Pardee Gunter (
  5. The next day (Wednesday) a listing of all submissions will be sent to the Shiki Mailing List with a "Call For Votes" .
  6. Participants will have until NOON, Saturday, to evaluate and submit their votes to Hiromi Inoue (
  7. No poet may vote for his/her own submission.
  8. For each kukai section the participant will have 6 points to use at his/her discretion. Participants may chose from 2 to 6 haiku assigning votes appropriately with the follow exception: he/she may not assign more than 3 points to any one haiku.
  9. Participants may send along comments for attachment to the poems that they select; however, posting of the comments will be at the discretion of Hiromi Inoue ( No negative comments or editorial suggestions will be forwarded to the list.
  10. Poems that gather three or more points in the kukai will be posted on the Shiki Home Page along with the names of the authors. Those that receive less than three points will be posted within the confines of the Shiki Mailing List and its attendant archives ONLY, and will have no author attribution attached, unless the author specifies upon submission that he/she wants to be attributed as having composed the work. Anyone who feels he/she does not want attribution, even if the poem places 3
    points or higher, will be kept off of the Shiki Home Page by making a special request at the time of submission to Pardee Gunter.
  11. The results of the kukai will be posted as early as possible on Sunday. The next kukai will begin the following Wednesday.
  12. Participation in the kukai is open to everyone. No one needs to be a member of the Shiki Mailing List. However, the Shiki Home Page will only post the kukai results in part; so, list participation is encouraged for those of you who think you may want to join in the fun on a regular basis.

         Pardee Gunter,  Kukai Secretary

         Hiromi Inoue,  Assintant Secretary