Shiki Masaoka

September 19 th is Shiki's mourning anniversary.

He died of tuberculosis on the early morning of September Thea, 1902 ,when he was 35 years old. Although he had been ill in bed for the last seven years, he had been cheerful and energetic to renovate haiku, and many disciples often gathered around his bed ,discussing and debating about haiku and literature.

On September 19, the sponge gourd anniversary, people in Matsuyama dedicate their haiku and enjoy reading Shiki's haiku. Sometimes we have commemoration lectures then.

I would like to show more Shiki haiku translation in commemoration of The sponge gourd anniversary. More Shiki haiku translation.

Discovery of Haiku


His last three haiku

Shiki's disease was spinal tuberculosis and one of the symptoms was coughing up phlegm. They said gourd water taken during the full moon would get rid of the phlegm. At the porch of Shiki's house in Tokyo, sponge gourd was grown and probably he compared himself and his suffering with the healthy gourd, when he saw the grown gourd which had a flower and no pain.

Shiki Haiku Translation by Kim





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