Kim's Haiku World--Haiku Kim-dom

My dream is to create an international haiku poem kingdom on Internet.

I would like to talk about haiku at any time. Please call me Kim. I am looking forward to talk with you soon.

Most of the famous three biggest haiku poets' haiku (Basho, Buson Issa) will be known to many people in the world and you will see them in many books translated in English. I have already shown some of them in "Pleasure of Haiku".

So I would like to introduce a few of them and show a lot of Shiki's haiku. I am a member of shiki-team.

When we read Japanese, sometimes the Japanese sound gives emotional or picturesque feeling, but when I translate them, I just try to express the scene which the poet might have observed.

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1. Masaoka Shiki

2. Basho, Buson, Issa

3. Welcome to the Haiku World of Kim Komurasaki

Kim's haiku, Shiki's haiku translation and etc.