Hello. My name is Kimiyo Tanaka.

The kanji (Chinese Characters) forming the name Kimiyo means the beauty and joy will be everlasting. I really hope it will be true.

I was born in Mie Prefecture in Japan. In Mie Prefecture they have Ise Shrine, one of the three biggest shrines in Japan, where the goddess Amaterasu's mirror is enshrined.

My high school is located near the Ise Shrine. We have been very much influenced by the peaceful historical and literary atmosphere around the shrine.

Now I live in Ehime Prefecture in Japan. The kanji forming Ehime means a beautiful maiden!!

According to a Japanese myth, when a god Izanagi and a goddess Izanami were sent from heaven to create the lands of Japan, the goddess first uttered some words saying "What a nice man you are!" The Izanagi was upset, because he believed that men should speak to women first. He didn't feel like creating lands, so they tried again.

This time he spoke to the goddess first saying "What a beautiful lady you are!" And everything went all right. Lands of Japan were created one after another.

The land of Iyo, the ancient name of Ehime, was born with a beautiful woman's face. This dialogue exchaged by Izanagi and Izanami is said to be the origin of the Japanese poem.

I show some of famous haiku poem here to you. If you are interested in the concept or appreciation of those haiku, I would like you to see the 'The Pleasure of Haiku" again or to discuss with me on Shiki Mailing List.