A Record of Dhugal Lindsay,

weekend in Matsuyama,25-27 February 1995 by the shiki-team

Dhugal Lindsay is a regular contributor and valued member of the Shiki Salon. The Shiki-team invited him to Matsuyama in order to have discussions about the Shiki WWW pages and mailing list with him. This is a summary of his visit to Matsuyama.

1 Matsuyama Airport

Dhugal, a Tokyo resident, arrives in Matsuyama on a morning JAL flight. Due to the Kobe earthquake, use of the bullet train is impossible and air travel between Tokyo, Osaka, and Matsuyama is very crowded.

                 pushing at each other
                 encroaching apartments and
                 a field of mandarins
by  Dhugal

[All of pic.] at Matsuyama Airport

4 Shiki Team Party

Attendance at the welcome party with hosting members of the Shiki Team. At this time, Kim breaks out the "Koshi no Kanbai," a famous sake that she had saved for the occasion.

[All of pic.]Cheers!!!