First, we, the Shiki team, want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the latest Haiku Contest. We are very pleased with the number of participants and the quality ofthe entries.

FIRST PLACE (Shiki Internet Haiku Prize)

Who is Yu Chang ?

                   BELOW SECOND PLACE

fishing under stars -
cormorants dive
into galaxies

                   -by   Richmond D. Williams

turning into bird song                              autumn evening....
morning light                                            before all these stars
                                                                  not one word
                    -by Jane Reichhold
                                                                                   -by Jeanne Emrich

autumn stillness.... 
sinuous wake of a beaver                              pop fly
slices the moon                                             hangs for a moment
                                                                       with the daylight moon
                        -by Jeanne Emrich
                                                                                                   -by Clark Strand
the moon                          
half full                                                          someone left
half empty                                                     the porch light on--
                                                                       harvest moon
                 -by Bernard Lionel Einbond
                                                                                         -by Fred Donovan
full moon                             
the pregnant woman                                        sunlit field
casting shadows                                              lying on my back
                                                                         so much sky
                      -by Mark Alan Osterhaus
                                                                                          -by AC Missias
from every mouth--                                          with every swing of the hammock
a winter sky                                                       the same bright star
                                                                           comes into view
                 -by chuck tuskey
                                                                                             -by Michael Dylan Welch

leaving you                          
the moon                                                          nothing stirs;
in my rearview mirror                                     from the well's depth
                                                                         a bucket of stars
                               -by Marco Fraticelli
                                                                                               -by chuck tuskey
old well                              
the summer sky                                                dinner alone -
deeper in the darkness                                    the moon hovering
                                                                          over the empty chair
                               -by Yu Chang
                                                                                                   -by Harsangeet Kaur Bhullar
sliver of a moon--  
light leaks out                                                   a high spider
from the other world                                        traveling between stars
                                                                          on its own thread
                             -by chuck tuskey
                                                                                                   -by Laura Young
cloudy winter sky        
an icicle hangs from                                              faster than
the neighbor's clothesline                                    the fleeing birds...
                                                                               storm clouds overspreading the sky
                                      -by Susan Watkins
                                                                                                      -by {@GY (Sakamoto Kishio)
my dog face to face                 
with the neighbor's calf--                                   away from the tents
blue autumn sky                                                   only the moon
                                                                             traces her path
                         -by Lee Gurga
                                                                                                  -by AC Missias
old dairy cow stands                 
under summer-blue sky                                       rain-filled sky:
black clouds across its back                               swinging in the breeze
                                                                             a vandalised phone
                                      -by Scott Hall
                                                                                                      -by Harsangeet Kaur Bhullar
on the ground
a broken bird's nest                                          climbing the sky
empty sky                                                          on the empty window pane
 -by Peter Brady
                                                                                       -by Harsangeet Kaur Bhullar
crayola art 
just the moon -                                                   3 A.M.
without reflection                                              cat's water bowl
                                                                            reflects the moon
                             -by Doris D. Kasson
                                                                                                    -by Clark Strand
above city lights
snowflakes dance among the stars -              fishing
church bells toll the hour                                a small girl finds a moon
                                                                         in her fingernail
                                        -by Brad91
                                                                                                 -by Sue Stanford
bought used house  
first night, on bedroom wall,                             No fire of her own
glow-in-the-dark stars                                      pauper moon in borrowed light
                                                                            pales the burning stars
                                -by David A. Oates
                                                                                                            -by Gary S. Johnson
swallows flying loops  
almost touching the grass blades -                       twinkling stars
the sky at my feet                                                  even in the eyes of
                                                                                dead dog
                            -by Ted M. Zachwieja
                                                                                           -by Hiromi Inoue
bright autumn stars
sprinkling sugar
into black coffee

                          -by Scott Hall