The Shiki team volunteers will hold the following contest, an annual Japanese style Kukai on the Internet. We welcome you to participate in it by composing and sending in your haiku, being one of the judges, and enjoying the entries.

1. Contest Procedure

A special contest e-mail address has been created for this occasion.Interested participants should submit their entries between November 3 ( Culture Day in Japan) and November 23,1998 to

- The theme words are "bird", and "names of kinds of birds, for example swallow, sparrow, cuckoo , etc."

- Each haiku must contain at least one word from among the above words.

(NOTICE: the plural form of the theme word is acceptable, but only noun forms will count as theme words.)

*The name "Shiki " means Japanese cuckoo ". We of the Shiki-team hope the contest participants will aim at flying to Matsuyama.

  araumi ya
  tsuki ni kikoen
                  Masaoka Shiki

                tempestuous waves-
                the cuckoo's cry will carry as far
                as the moon
                                    tr. Kim Komurasaki

- Entries are limited to three haiku per person. If two or more entrants share an e mail address, be sure to include the author's name with each haiku.

- Previously unpublished (and unposted to Internet) haiku only.

* The names of participants will be available on the WWW after the contest winner is announced.

* Haiku entries will be sent to all contestants for judging after December 1, but names will not be included with the haiku sent at this time.

* Entries will be judged by the following rules:

(1) On December 1, the Shiki team will send the contestants a list of all the haiku entries. If you don't enter the contest, you won't be able to vote!

(2) Each contestant will then select his or her favorite haiku from among the entries and return his or her choices (up to 3 haiku, which may not include his/her own haiku) to the Shiki team between December 1 and December 14 at the same contest address:

(3) The most popular haiku will win the Shiki Haiku Prize. However, if a single haiku does not receive at least 5% of all the votes, the Shiki team will choose the most popular haiku and resend them to the contestants. A second selection will be held. This procedure will continue until the most popular haiku receives at least 5% of the votes.

(4) The Shiki team hopes to announce the contest result on December 24 as a Christmas gift, if the most popular haiku receives more than 5% of the votes.

(5) During the month after the Shiki Haiku Prize is decided, the Shiki team would like to collect criticism and discussion about the popular entries on the Shiki Mailing List and post them on the Shiki home page. So, we encourage all entrants to join the Shiki Mailing List if they haven't already.

(6) The result of the ballots will be made known to all contestants. All or part of the entries contributed to the contest will be made into an anthology to be included in a magazine, and put on the Shiki WWW Home Page:

2. The Prize

The Shiki team will welcome the winner of the contest to Matsuyama, Japan. The winner will be presented with a round trip ticket to Matsuyama from the airport nearest to him or her. (The upper limit is 200,000 yen. This present to the winner is valid for one year from the announcement of the result.)

3. Other Information

Concerning copyright laws, we will assume that your participation in the contest indicates your agreement to your entry(/ies) being reprinted.

We look forward to meeting you in Matsuyama, Japan.

-The Shiki team